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Feb 5 16

back in business

by + Alan

Had an issue connecting to my WordPress database for a while from my hosting server – thanks for great customer service from GoDaddy, we’re fixed right up. Now, on to blogging. Stay tuned…

Sep 2 15

still a blogger?

by + Alan

Interesting question. Am I? My blog is still live, and I’m sitting here writing a post on it, soooo… maybe so. I’d like to think so anyway. I can try.

My old blogging friend, Andrew Jones, just wrote a good post on his ancient and estimable blog — The High Calling of a Blogger — worth a read. It made me want to blog again – more consistently, that is. It made me remember that it was worth something. There was a time, at least, when it was important in some way. Of course this could all be some twisted up psychological business in my own mind about me being worth something, about me being important in some way. Let’s just let that sit there, shall we? OK, good.

I wondered “aloud” in Andrew’s comments, whether or not this whole blogging thing has passed me by – whether, now that blog is a household word, people would read these things like they used to. Things have changed. Digital attention spans are shorter. And this post is already waaaay beyond 140 characters. It won’t be the same now, for sure.

I certainly do, though, still think that I have some things to say that are worthwhile and possibly valuable. Is this what people tell themselves when they decide to write books? I don’t know. A blog is not a book, not exactly. There are similarities, especially if you put all the content together. I haven’t written “a book” — yet, but I can still write blog posts, so maybe I’ll keep doing that – try to keep doing that.

Oct 30 14

evolution, pope francis – nothing new to see here

by + Alan

Alright folks, let’s move it right along, nothing new to see here. Get back to your homes and lives. The sky’s not falling. Goooood Lord!

There’s a thing going around about how Pope Francis said something about the big bang and evolution being something Christians should be open to, that what science deduces isn’t incompatible with our faith. Ooooo K. How not in the loop are a lot of people? This is nothing new at all. The Catholic Church hasn’t taken a hard stand on “when” and “how” God created everything in quite some time. That He did create it, sure. The mechanics of said creation, not so much.

I, for one, am glad about it.

I’ll tell you a little story. When I was 12 (nearly 13 but still 12) I came to a point of faith in God, in Jesus, the formalities of which were worked out through and in the Catholic Church. I went through a period of “instruction” about the basics of the faith before being baptized in 1980. I actually remember one of my early questions to Fr. Killian was something like this:  “Is there any problem with me believing in evolution?” Maybe it was more involved, but that was the gist of the question. Yes, at 12. And it was an important question to me, probably in ways I didn’t even yet fully understand.

I’m grateful about how he answered that question – very moderately. I can’t remember his exact words, but basically, “no problem – the important thing is that we understand that He created everything, however that particularly happened.” Good answer.

The Bible is not a history book. The Bible is not a science book. The Bible is not primarily a rule book. We get these things wrong, well, most of the time.

I don’t have to understand Scripture literally to believe that it is Scripture – that it was, in effect, written by God through men, to guide us back to Himself, back to the kind of Life He created us to live, with and in Him. 6 days – 6 billion years – these things aren’t on my “necessary” list. And frankly, I don’t understand how/why it gets to that place for so many of my siblings in Christ.

I believe in God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, of all things seen and unseen.

This, ultimately, is what matters. Very possibly some day, we will understand the how and why – all the particulars. Right now, that’s not really happening. We can, though, observe the created reality, appreciate it, “read” it, and learn what we can from and about it. I will also say this, though. That cannot be the end. Seen and unseen. It’s big. Reality is huge – much more complex and massive than we are able to fully comprehend at the moment.

Don’t be afraid. That’s in the Bible, a lot. Don’t fear that somehow if some Christians get the idea in their heads that somehow, God used/worked through a process of evolution to get us where we are, that they will then slide down some slippery slope into paganism. Many of us have no problem with this. It doesn’t erode away our faith. It doesn’t cause us to turn into atheists. Do not be afraid.

I’ll end with a little word for Scientists:  Folks, stop trying to be philosophers. It’s outside your purview. Stick to the “seen.” That’s what science is all about – the observable – empirical data. When your theories cause you to say things like, “therefore, there is no God,” or, “therefore, since we can only see and observe the physical, nothing beyond that can exist,” you have ceased to be scientific.

Alright, that’s enough of that. Peace to all in this house.