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Aug 9 16

pause for silent prayer

by + Alan

—from August 7, 2016—

“Pause for silent prayer,” it says. And I sit here trying to be “silent.” It’s a beautiful morning, not hot, breeze blowing – dogs barking, the sound of interstate traffic and local construction machinery. Silence. Not quite.

But I have the intention. I sit here.

I pray. I am sinful, but still I pray. I am not worthy of being in His Presence, but still go to that “place.”

“Love keeps no record of wrongs.” I remember this. I struggle to believe it, but I do.

Feb 5 16

back in business

by + Alan

Had an issue connecting to my WordPress database for a while from my hosting server – thanks for great customer service from GoDaddy, we’re fixed right up. Now, on to blogging. Stay tuned…

Sep 2 15

still a blogger?

by + Alan

Interesting question. Am I? My blog is still live, and I’m sitting here writing a post on it, soooo… maybe so. I’d like to think so anyway. I can try.

My old blogging friend, Andrew Jones, just wrote a good post on his ancient and estimable blog — The High Calling of a Blogger — worth a read. It made me want to blog again – more consistently, that is. It made me remember that it was worth something. There was a time, at least, when it was important in some way. Of course this could all be some twisted up psychological business in my own mind about me being worth something, about me being important in some way. Let’s just let that sit there, shall we? OK, good.

I wondered “aloud” in Andrew’s comments, whether or not this whole blogging thing has passed me by – whether, now that blog is a household word, people would read these things like they used to. Things have changed. Digital attention spans are shorter. And this post is already waaaay beyond 140 characters. It won’t be the same now, for sure.

I certainly do, though, still think that I have some things to say that are worthwhile and possibly valuable. Is this what people tell themselves when they decide to write books? I don’t know. A blog is not a book, not exactly. There are similarities, especially if you put all the content together. I haven’t written “a book” — yet, but I can still write blog posts, so maybe I’ll keep doing that – try to keep doing that.