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by + Alan on July 1st, 2014

It’s funny – in some ways my life is more peaceful now. I was telling someone the other day, that it’s an amazing feeling to come home after work… and have nothing else to do, not really. No other job. No one pushing, pushing, pushing me. No real deadlines. Sure, every now and then someone orders a rosary and I have to make that for them and send it off. I enjoy that. It doesn’t feel like “work.” Rarely, someone will ask me to tie them some flies, for money, and I do that. I wouldn’t like to do that constantly, all the time, but it’s not a big deal to tie a few flies for some lunch money. And of course, there are just normal things around the house. It’s an interesting change of pace.

Our “kids” are all older than 18 now. There’s still a little bit of “taxi driving” going on, but not much. They all go their own way. That’s good, I guess. Their own way is not always the way I would choose for them, nor is it always something I think is right or good for them, but they’re OK. I worry, as you do, and I hope they’ll learn, or re-learn, some of what I’ve taught them. We shall see.

At this point, I almost never “go to church,” or “mass” or whatever you like to call the going-to of religious services. I feel mostly fine about that. There are reasons for this choice. I’ll not go into all that right now. I’ve not turned heathen, or pagan, or anything else. I still pray and try to maintain a relationship with God. Maybe I’m in the desert for a while. I’m not really sure. I have my issues with things, for sure, but I’m not sittin’ around swinging my fists in the air. Not sure how long this season will last. For now, though, I tend to look at it as, ironically enough, a sabbath.

I fish. I fish, relatively, a lot. In the past, I’ve done little fish counters on my blog, trying to keep track of how many fish I catch during the year. This year, I’ve lost track. It’s in the hundreds – probably 300+ at this point – conservative estimate. That’s a good thing for me. I’ve gone through seasons where I’ve had to basically “fast” from that as well. Now, it’s feasting for sure on the fishing front. Mostly bass so far. I’m way behind on some trout fishing – must do more of that soon. And carp – yes carp – is moving right in. 🙂

Funny times. Interesting times. Sort of peaceful times. Enough talking about that for now. Peace to you.

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  1. Albert permalink

    Two things made me smile just now. First one was when i saw your post show up on my reader. Glad to know you’re still around and kicking. Second was to hear you’re doing some fishing. Topwater bite in the evening is a thing of beauty!

    Peace to you and your family.

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